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Sony Xperia Z2 Android Tricks

How to Root and install TWRP on Android MM 6.0.1 (.570)

How to install software recovery, Root and SuperSU to Sony Z2 MM 6.0.1
Count down timer VB6 Make sure your phone is fully charged and you have the original cable with you and your laptop, you will be asked to download some files on your phone and on your laptop. You must follow those instructions literally, and we are not responsible for any damages due to not following those instructions.

Full Windows Application Source Code

Full FTP application source code

How to use INET in Visual Basic 6.0 without writing API codes. Creating a full FTP Desktop application using Visual Basic 6.0 and Inet control to actually save and retrieve files from/into FTP servers that you have access to it.

The article discusses how to connect to FTP server and ask for files stored while you have access to it, store these files on your local drive and upload files to the FTP server including creating directories and files that the FTP server supports.

Visual Basic 6.0 MS-Access and Crystal Reports

Working with Microsoft Access 2003 and Crystal Reports 4.6.
Creating a Windows Desktop application (Phone-Book) is very informative and rich resource to fully understand who to create a small business application professionally .


Phone-Book Desktop application is a windows application that stores your friends phone numbers and pictures in a microsoft access Database. You will start from designing the VB6 project untill distributing the application.

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