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visual-basic-6-count-down-timer-ocxvb6 project to Create count-down timer and .ocx file.

This VB6 project source code example is about Creating a count-dwn-timer project then creating VB6 control (.ocx file) and it could be tricky even for an advanced programmer, the idea of a creating a VB6 normal counter is almost the same except that we do count down in this case of count-down-timer, counting up as a default counter relies on adding (+1) to an Integer value variable in a timer controlVB6-project-timer-control, and the best example for this is the (Clock / Timer).

  • Create VB6 Countdown timer project.
  • Create VB6 Countdown timer .OCX file project.
  • License your VB6 Countdown timer .OCX file after deploying it.
  • Deploy your VB6 Countdown timer .OCX file in order to distribute it as executable .exe.
  • Download VB6 Countdown timer Source code, Project and countdown timer (exe)

vb6-Crystal-Reports-project-source-codevb6 project source code on how to work with Access Database

This VB6 project source code example is about Creating Phone-Book to store your friends Info. It is a complete project source code example on how to include MS-Access Database, Crystal Reports and also to Create executable (.exe) file.

  • Create VB6 Phone-Book project for Windows desktop
  • How to work with MS-Access 2003 Database with VB6
  • How to work with Crystal Reports in VB6 with MS-Access 2003 Database
  • How to Create executanle (.exe) file and include Database and Crystal Reports in VB6
  • Test our VB6 desktop application.
  • Download VB6 project source code Phone-Book and executable (.exe) file

vb6-project-source-code-FTP-Clientvb6 project source code Create FTP Client using MS-Inet

This VB6 project source code example is about Creating FTP Client for Windows desktop, and it was tested on windows10 32bit too, using VB6 control MSInet.ocx (Microsoft Internet Transfer Contro), this quite amazing VB6 control provides implementation of two of the most widely used protocols on the Internet, HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

  • Create VB6 FTP Client project for Windows desktop
  • Use Microsoft Internet Transfer control in VB6 project
  • Deploy your VB6 source code to get executable (.exe) file
  • Test your VB6 application on windows desktop
  • Download VB6 source code FTP Client project (.vbp) and FTP Client (.exe)

vb6-project-Color-picker vb6 project source code Color Picker for windows 10

This VB6 project source code example is about Creating fun and cool application which is the Color Picker. The color picker vb6 project will teach you how to get closer to colors and HEXA codes and color names, also you will learn about VB6 Built-in functions.

  • Create VB6 Color Picker project for Windows10 desktop
  • Use VB6 built-in functions
  • Get the exact cursor position in VB6 project source code
  • Get the Color code of the area using cursor hoover in VB6
  • Test your VB6 Project source code
  • Deploy your VB6 windows10 application
  • Download VB6 project source code Color Picker and executable file (.exe)

vb6-project-Analog-Clock-windows10vb6 project source code Create Windows10 Analog Clock

This VB6 project source code example is about Creating Analog Clock for Windows10. The Analog Clock example is a way to explain how timers work with Geometry maths and time calculations. This is a good lesson to start a new level in Visual Basic Programming.

  • Create VB6 Analog Clock project for Windows10
  • Use the Geometery and time calculations methods in VB6 Analog Clock
  • VB6 Project source code based on a scientific methods
  • Deploy your vb6 project source code Analog Clock
  • Download VB6 project source code for Analog Clock for Windows 10



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