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(9) Testing your VB6 Installation Package

    • The application requirements on the targeted computer would be :

    WinXp - Office 2003 installed

    • From [ \PhoneBook\Package\] directory, double-click the installation file [Setup.exe] ...

    vb6 - Setup package

    • You will see the Blue screen ....

    PhoneBook SetUp
    Click OK to continue with the setup

    vb6 - setup path

    • You will be moved to another screen to choose the setup path (keep the default path) the Program Files folder ..
    • Continue now with the installation, you will be prompted to choose the start menu group, just set the default one
    • You will find the application being installed and the files being moved to their places. If you get the Setup - Version Conflict , then choose YES to replace the Older version with the Newer version....

    SETUP version conflict

    • Congratulations ... Now you have successfully installed your application, check the application path (C:\Program Files\MyPhoneBook\) you will notice the shared files are there. Open your start menu, Programs, MyPhoneBook , you will see the exe file there, you can create a shortcut icon to the desktop now and start using it.

    vb6 start menu

    • Adding a friend to your Phone Book is easy :

    PhoneBook-Add a friend

    • Manage (Update - Delete) friends Info, like this :

    Phone Book - Update Friend


    • Printing a report of all friends, like this :

    Phone Book - Printing a report

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