99% of Google Bloggers, Publishers and advertisers use social networks like Facebook.com to publish their blogs and get traffic to their blogs/sites in order to maximize the earnings with AdSense, so actually they are advertising on Facebook.com, so considering the post (Link) of their blog is the Ad, then it must look charming and interesting, a way to do so, is by showing image and description of what they are publishing about on Facebook.com to encourage others or fans to visit this blog/site.

Some links look like this ...


Which is bad for business, so I've looked around and found this :

Then you need to insert the Facebook.com Open Graph Meta Tags to your Blog HTML design. And this is how to do it.

1) Open your Google Blog that you wish to Edit HTML to insert these Tags.

2) Goto Templete design

3) Goto Template design, then click on (Edit Html), you will see this box,
now goto <Head>, just after <head> write your Meta Tags like this :

4) Meta Tags :

<meta property = "og:title" content="Your_Blog_Title_That_you_wish_to_appear_on_facebook_post" /> 

<meta property ="og:description" content="Your_blog_Description_that_you_desire" /> 

<meta property = "og:url" content="Your_blog_Url" />

<meta property = "og:image" content="Path_to_Image_you_wish_to_see_uploaded_tinypic" /> 


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