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Major Laptop brand names, origin and models ....

Toshiba Labtop
Japan Dynabook, Portege, Tecra, Satellite, Qosmio, Libretto
Acer Laptop
Taiwan laptops Taiwan
United States Laptop USA
Netherlands NL
Taiwan laptops TravelMate, Extensa, Aspire
United States Laptop Gateway
Netherlands Packard Bell
Fujitsu Laptop
Japan Japan
Japan LifeBook, Stylistic
Sony Laptop
Japan Japan
Japan Vaio
HP Laptop
United States Laptop USA
United States Laptop HP Pavilion, HP Omnibook
Apple Laptop
United States Laptop USA
United States Laptop MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
Samsung Laptop
South Korea South Korea
South Korea Sens
Lenovo Laptop
China China
China ThinkPad, IdeaPad, 3000 series
Asus Laptop
Taiwan laptops Taiwan
Taiwan laptops Asus Eee
Dell Laptop
United States Laptop USA
United States Laptop Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Studio, Vostro,
United States Laptop XPS, Studio XPS, Alienware


Understand the specifications to determine the best business deal laptop.

The first Core i3 processors were launched on January 7, 2010. The expression (Core I3) means 3 stars rating by Intel which mean that Core I3 is better than Core 2 Due, but it doesn't mean that Core I3 has 3 Cores "Processors" no, it doesn't have 3 core processors. The Intel Core technology has been around for quite sometimes now, but alot of people are confused about the model names like "Core I3, I5, I7" previously were conused about "Core 2 Due and Dual Core". The Core "processor" specs are different from Desktop and Laptop computers, it could be grouped and varied. 2328M is the processing power of the processor "Core" and it varies from one to another, of course the higher you get a better performancec you will get.

The size of the LCD screen of the Laptop is 14 inches , the dimensions are : Height : 1.24" Front / 1.37" back (31.52mm front /34.68mm back) Width : 13.46" (342.0mm) Depth : 9.61" (244.0mm) and that means 14" inches LCD.

The capacity of the Hard Drive Disk H. D. D. is 500 GB, 1GB = 1024MB, 1MB = 1024KB and 1KB = 1024B, so 500GB is half of a TeraByte. This is a very large capacity Hard Disk.

The expression 2GB is the capacity of the RAM, and this is a large amount of RAM, but what is the RAM? And how does it affect the comparing between prices for buying a LabTop?

The term RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory and it is main Memory of the LapTop, if the LapTop is a human being then the RAM is the memory that stores data and retrieve it again when needed, 2GB is the capacity of storing. Storing Data means anytime without a certain order "Just like that, randomly", not like the other storage devices I.e Hard Disk, CDs and DVDs where Data are read and written only in a predetermined order, consecutively, because of mechanical design limitations.

The term DDR3 means Double Data Rate is a RAM Class and is the recent development of the previous RAM classes DDR1 RAM and DDR2 RAM.

The primary benefit of DDR3 SDRAM over its immediate predecessor, DDR2 SDRAM, is its ability to transfer data at twice the rate (eight times the speed of its internal memory arrays), enabling higher bandwidth or peak data rates

Conclusion, DDR3 is the best because you can update it up to 8GB chips.

The term VGA stands for Video Graphic Array, freely speaking; this is the part that is responsible for quality of any media display "Photo or Video" in a "Movie display, Game display or even Photo album display".

The term HD stands for High Definition and it means the resolution of the displayed elements on the LCD Screen will be in High Definition mode.

The term WLED stands for White Light Emitting Diode and is used here to backlight the LCD whenever needed and it's a powerful and high-intensity White light

the term True-Life (1366x768) means 1366 pixels width and 768 pixels hight is not a best setting for the LCD display, because it is too wide, if you want my opinion, I'd rather go for the 1920x1080.




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