A strong earthquake has hit the northeastern coast of Japan on May, 2012, 20 but no Tsunami is expected soon.

The U.S. Geological Surveys say that the huge (6.1) earthquake hit early Thursday and was centered nearly (107) km northeast of Hachinohe at a depth of 40 km.

Japan's Kyodo News agency said that the earthquake shook Aomori prefecture (state) and other areas of northeastern Japan, but no abnormalities were reported at nearby the Nuclear Power Plants.

No Tsunami warning was issued. A massive huge(9.0) earthquake and Tsunami ravaged Japan's northeastern coastline in March last year, leaving nearly 19,000 citizens dead or missing and badly damaging the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant.

From the USGS map of Asia
  • Mag(4.6) Date(2012/May/25 18:36:15) Dep(31.8 km) off the east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN

  • Mag(4.8) Date(2012/05/25 03:59:29) Dep(55.3 km) near the east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN

  • Mag(6.0) Date(2012/05/23 15:02:28) Dep(71.4 km) HOKKAIDO, JAPAN Region

  • Mag(6.4) Date(2012/05/20 07:20:37) Dep(15.6 km) off the east coast of HONSHU, JAPAN

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Japan May 2012
Where it hit

The (6.1) magnitude undersea earthquake

No further reports provided about the earthquake until now.

Be aware of this swarm development in Japan, have a plan and be prepared around the ring of fire.. From Japan to New Zealand.. from Vanuatu to California.. the entire ring of fire is in a noticeable state of unrest still…. so it makes sense to prepare now (in earthquake prone areas adjacent to the direct ring of fire zones mentioned).

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