Day : Feb,28, 2013

(POP3) Send & Receive E-mails from E-mail server using VB .net Final Update #4

- Last update is about :

The discussion is about displaying the E-mail to read it (No. 7 from previous page) : I noticed that sometimes the the E-mail won't arrive in full, even with a double click the whole stream package doesn't fully transfered to the TextBox and you get just a part of it, also most of the times (and it depends on the E-mail Server) the request doesn't execute the way it was requested, I.E. if you clicked on E-mail mail message No.1 and then you clicked on Message No.2 you would get the No.1 still.

So, i fixed it, an now you can only click once (One-Click) and get the exact the e-mail message requested.

I uploaded the final source code here on, please feel free to try it and edit it and if you found something new please contact me

Thanx for following


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